Brief Strategy Game Update

SSGlogoJust a brief update on how I am going to post LPs for things like Space Hulk. In my original earlier posts I had broken the first scenario into two posts, one for each LP to follow how they appear on my Youtube channel.

However, I found I liked the way I did it better for my old series for Unity of Command. Since it is a campaign of up to dozens of missions, I don’t think I want to break my missions into multiple postings here. It isn’t like my DAI/Witcher/FPS type series where it isn’t broken into missions, it just records as I go.

Also I just think it is easier for people who come to this site to clink a link and have a post that displays the entire mission, not just a chunk. Now, the LPs themselves will still be on youtube separately, so they will appear as different parts on the single posting page.

I am not sure if I clarified anything here, or if it just made it rougher to understand. You will understand it as  you see my posts (and I went back to the first Space Hulk post and altered that as well).

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