UoC: vs Arianne “Voronezh”

Ari and I are duking it out again, this time around the town of Voronezh!



Scenario: Voronezh (vs Arianne)
Number of Let’s Plays: 2
Game: Unity of Command – Stalingrad Campaign
Gameplay Type: Scenario/Multiplayer
Platform: Macbook Pro / OSX 1.9
Side Played: Axis
Difficulty Level: Easy

Unity of Command’s developer has given permission to use their game (including monetization). Their Youtube policy is here: http://unityofcommand.net/lets-play/

I have copied and pasted it here for your convenience.

Here’s our general policy regarding “Let’s Play” videos:

  • You may create Let’s Play videos featuring Unity of Command and its DLC’s.
  • You may post them on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • You may monetize your videos.

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