LP Schedule

Below is a schedule of all current and known upcoming videos. It includes name, dates of the week and estimated end time (or if upcoming an estimated start time). SWA videos are older videos from my strangewhispers71 channel and are being re-uploaded here.

Current Video Lineup             
Uncharted 2 (SWA video, Sundays and Tuesdays) 5/28/17 to 7/18/17
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (Wednesdays) ends 8/30/17)
Horizon Zero Dawn (Mondays and Fridays) ends TBD
Order of Battle: Blitzkrieg As a scenario is finished, it is released regardless of how many LPs that scenario comprises of at one time in order to keep continuity.

Upcoming Videos                             
1979 Revolution: Black Friday (Wednesdays) 9/6/17 to 10/04/17


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