SHA: BA Mission 01 “Beachhead”

Here we are back from our hiatus. Space Hulk: Ascension – the Blood Angels campaign. We are starting with Beachhead as we secure our landing.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Game: Space Hulk Ascension
Mission: Beachhead
Campaign: Blood Angels
Chapter: Blood Angels
Date: 12/22/16
Developer: Full Control (
Game Website:

About Space Hulk Ascension Edition

Space Hulk: Ascension Edition is a 3D, digital, turn based, strategy game, which builds upon the classic board game experience, and adds new RPG style mechanics, additional weapons, enemy types, an all-new chapter and loads of other new features.

Set in the isolated corridors and tomb-like chambers of ancient vessels lost in the graveyard of space, players lead a small force of fearless Space Marine Terminators in a ferocious fight for survival against hordes of predatory, alien Genestealers.